In the Spring/Summer of 2017 St Vincents became the fourth home to join and complete our Creative Writing project ‘Magic Doors’. This time Dover Park Primary School joined the fun!

The work shown displayed here was produced from a series of Workshops run by Independent Arts creative writer Ann Emery, together with staff, carers, and residents from St Vincent’s care home and pupils from year 3 at Dover Park Primary School, Ryde.

The pupils and residents were invited to step through a magic door and embark on a magical journey so please do enjoy their very creative and often moving responses shown here.

Residents from St Vincent’s visited the school to work on creating stories with the children, and they also worked independently in Workshops run by Independent Arts at the home too.

At the end of the project the children were invited to the home to share their work and some delicious magical fairy cakes too!

Here’s what the pupils thought about the project –

Alicia – “I really enjoyed spending time with our visitors this morning.”

Ellie – “I was really excited to start this project.”

Annie – “I was nervous then I was happy to be there.”

Mrs Hogg – “Their imagination took them everywhere.”

Tyler B _ “I was excited to have new visitors in our classroom.”

Szymon – “One of our visitors had a very creative mind.”

Shelby – “I really enjoyed working with new people.”

Nathan – “I really enjoyed working with Simon.”

Pupil story 1

Photo and text 1

Pupil story 2

Photo and text 2

Pupil story 3Pupil story 4Pupil story 5

Joan's poem for print

IMG_2879 (002)

Magic Doors poem for print

IMG_2882 (002)

Magical moments St V. for printSharon St vincents poem

Our thanks to the residents and staff of St Vincent’s care home for their hard work and hospitality in making us all so welcome.