The Magic Doors project was introduced to Care Home Solent Grange in May 2016.

The project works with participants at Solent Grange to ask the question, “What’s behind the Magic Door?” Part-memory, part-creative writing project, the material produced was both inspiring and insightful. The work produced below has been installed into the home for the residents who took part to enjoy.

I remember
Olive’s Key
Rose’s Story
Audrey Fishing
Poem two
Poem one
Beryl’s Magic Door
Project Introduction
Olive’s Country Field
A Chocolate Feast

Letter from Ali French, Activities Coordinator at Solent Grange:

“It has been a great pleasure and honor to be involved in this new project. Many of our residents have had the opportunity to share very special and meaningful memories, giving us a deeper insight into their past, even some of our less able and less co-operative residents actually took part and contributed in their own way. The display of their poems and sayings are absolutely amazing and will look fabulous in our home for all to see.

Thanks to all involved.”