When Henry Bear went to Kinloch Tay Care Home.

Henry Bear is a Creative Writing Workshop that lasts around an hour and takes place in care homes across the Isle of Wight. Ideas and thoughts are discussed in relation to Henry who is just your typical stuffed bear. Our little bear sparks childhood memories and explores creative thinking that takes Henry on many adventures and are then formed into incredible poems and story’s.

Below is the work produced by residents at Kinloch Tay.

Henry’s Journey to Cornwall – Written by residents of Kinloch Tay

Henry is going to Cornwall for the day to meet up with old friends. He is flying in a Tiger Moth plane with flappy wings from Freshwater. 

It is a lovely sunny morning and all the resident of Kinloch have come to wave Henry goodbye. The tiger moth plane zooms in the air. Henry’s friend Peter is the pilot – he’d better be good! It is lovely flying through the sky, dodging the white clouds until suddenly there is a loud clank and the engine gives out! They bail out but there are no parachutes – is this the end of the story? No, Henry’s Magic Carpet, which had been travelling in the luggage compartment, swooshes down and Henry and Peter land with a plop onto the carpet. The carpet drops into a field and an ambulance takes Henry and Peter to hospital to check them over. They are both OK so they go and buy two Cornish pasties then visit the nearby church to thank God they have arrived safely.

Henry meets up with his old friends in a Cornish pub. Some of his friends are boozers and others, like Henry, teetotal. Henry has a lemonade and they all enjoy remembering past adventures. One of Henry’s friends has a drop too much and gets up to sing a song:

“I’m Henry the eighth, I am

Henry the eighth, I am, I am . . . “

It is soon time for Henry and Peter to go home. They get on the Magic Carpet but it doesn’t fly straight.  It wobbles through the sky, going up and down and sometimes round and round. Henry realises that someone spilt a lot of wine onto the Magic Carpet and it is a little bit tipsy!

It is nearly dark when they get back home. All the residents at Kinloch are there to welcome Henry home except Jean, who has gone to London to visit the Queen. Henry is very tired and settles down to a nice cup of tea and opens a big bag of Cornish pasties that he has brought back for all his friends.  

As created by Gladys, Eileen, Brian, Jumbo, Jean

The Fifty Pound Note.

It was lying in Jumbo’s mind

Till it appeared in his pocket coat –

That lovely, crisp, fifty pound note!

But what would we buy?

We asked one another,

Sitting comfy in our armchairs

At Kinlock Tay?

Jim went off for a round of golf

Whilst Kerry nipped out for steak and beer.

Eileen brought fruit – “so good for us”-

Then sneaked in the double cream!

Jean brought beers and Brian apple crumble-

Which made the table a bit of jumble!

Muriel purchased a big pile of books

And Ron, walking softly into the room

When asked what he’d buy

With our fifty pound note

Said “Freedom”

But is that enough

We pondered and wondered till

Tracy suggested “keep the note” just in case, and

Gladys declared “there’s nothing in the world

I want to buy.”

So our Fifty Pound note fluttered away

Floating free in our memories

At Kinloch Tay.

Created by residents and staff at Kinloch Tay – September 2016