When Henry Bear went to Cornelia Heights.

Henry Bear is a Creative Writing Workshop that lasts around an hour and takes place in care homes across the Isle of Wight. Ideas and thoughts are discussed in relation to Henry who is just your typical stuffed bear. Our little bear sparks childhood memories and explores creative thinking that takes Henry on many adventures and are then formed into incredible poems and story’s.

Below is the work produced by residents at Cornelia Heights.

Henry Bear goes to the Beach: A story created by the residents of Cornelia Heights, Ryde.

Henry went to Ryde Esplanade Beach to have a picnic. There were sandwiches, cakes, jellies, ice-cream and plenty of lemonade.

At the picnic were Father Christmas and little children from the local school.

They all played games; cricket, rounders and football. The children made bracelets from small shells.

Henry fell into the sea and nearly drowned but Gwendoline and Ronald rescued him.

They brushed off the seaweed and all had an ice-cream to help them feel better.

They needed a nurse as well, just to check Henry over, then they put him to bed.

The next day Henry wanted to look around the IOW so he went to the West Wight, St Catherine’s point and then Carisbrooke Castle.

He had a nice little green car with a loud hooter which he parked by the drawbridge.

At the castle he met the donkey.

Someone was telling lies but not about the donkey, who Henry liked very much.

It was night time at the castle and the moon was shining, making ghostly shadows.

There were voices and music coming from inside. Henry

pushed open the creaky wooden door and stepped into a large hall.

There was a splendid medieval banquet happening. Henry was very pleased to be asked to join in. There was lots of food and chatter but all went quiet when the drummer arrived. He was wearing a long tunic with sleeves that did up at the wrist with a white ribbon. They all listened even when Henry was asked to play the drums.

Henry had a lovely time but with the picnic and the banquet he was feeling a little overweight, so the next day, he went to the gym.

He lifted weights and did a  little exercise and met a lot of other bears there, both little and big. After this, he needed another ice-cream.

Henry went back to the beach and met Seamus  who helped clean the beach and Peter, who told him about Browns Golf course where they used to sell wonderful jam doughnuts that were baked on site. Henry wished he could go!

This story creating event was led by Ann Emery, Community Writer, Henry Bear and supported by Independent Arts: 01983 822437

November 23 2015