The Magic Key has a beautiful new home

At the beginning of the year one of our very talented volunteers Jade Thomas created our very own magical key to use in our creative writing sessions.  Jade is a bead artist and spent many hours encrusting the surface of the key with an array of buttons, beads and tiny jewels (you can even find a few magical insect motifs if you look closely). The key is a great tool for residents who may struggle with communication or limited sight, meaning everyone can benefit and engage in the sessions, residents have even come up with entirely new and inventive descriptive terms for the things they discover on the surface of the key with one particular resident renaming a ladybird and butterfly a ‘tilsey’ and a ‘mowbey’.

The Key is very special and deserved a beautiful little home as it is carried and used in sessions across the Isle of Wight and we struck gold once again when one of our wonderful SingAbout Bank Practitioners Janice Thorn spent many hours hand crafting the most exquisite crushed velvet draw string bag to house our Magic Key.  The Vibrant contrasting colours will be a great inspiration for participants along with the various textures of rope, crushed velvet, and vibrant silk lining, complete with tassels!

Thank you to all Independent Arts volunteers and staff who always go that extra mile there’s no end to their talents!



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